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First Penny Investments has recently rebranded as True Altitude.
We will be closing this website as we migrate to our new page.


Euclideon Holographics Tombstone-01.jpg
Asterion Cannabis Inc.jpg
Bricklet Pty Ltd Tombstone.jpg
Buyers Circle Tombstone - SAFE-01.jpg
Buyers Circle Tombstone - Series A-01.jpg
carbonTRACK Pty Ltd.jpg Limited Tombstone.jpg
ArchiX Pty Ltd Tombstone.jpg
Dn 3010 Limited Tombstone.jpg
AgUnity Pty Ltd Tombstone.jpg
Argyle Foods Group Pty Ltd.jpg
Comestri Pty Ltd.jpg
Debt Cutter Group Pty Ltd.jpg
Escavox Pty Ltd.jpg
Xinja Bank Limited.jpg
Gather By Pty Ltd Tombstone.jpg
Tech Project Holdings Pty Ltd Tombstone.jpg

First Penny Investments Pty Ltd is the authorised representative of AFSL License number 230680 and is a member of The Entrepreneurs Group

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