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First Penny Investments has recently rebranded as True Altitude.
We will be closing this website as we migrate to our new page.

FP Digital Assets Management works with teams that add legitimate value to the blockchain ecosystem and are disrupting the financial industry and the way humans interact with technology.

Digital Asset Management

Blockchain technology in its essence allows for trustless automation of services. First Penny helps realize this vision by analyzing what necessary tools will be needed in order for the industry to succeed and investing in the teams that are capable of executing those technologies. Our extensive network gives us privileged access to funding opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to general market participants.

Blockchain/Digital Asset Advisory

Our expertise and industry connections within the blockchain ecosystem allow us to add significant value to our clients by providing in-depth strategic/legal advisory as well as valuable introductions to industry giants.

The First Penny team have been ardent supporters and members of the Crypto Valley Association since its inception and have attended each of the annual conferences (unfortunately there was none in 2020!). Every week the Crypto Valley Association brings you bite sized episodes of blockchain and crypto.

You can listen to them here

First Penny Investments Pty Ltd is the authorised representative of AFSL License number 230680 and is a member of The Entrepreneurs Group

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